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We started mining several years ago now and quickly realized there is a large learning curve to overcome for new miners in the space, not to mention the overhead and startup costs associated. These two factors alone determine for many whether or not they will successfully enter and thrive in the industry.

While we've built our business with all the trial and errors in mind, we realized that many others we spoke to would have welcomed the opportunity as well to enter this new industry, aside from all the headaches and complications that come with it.  so this lead us to create something that would make this journey a lot easier, more secure, and most of all more profitable for those who wish to try their hand at mining in a low risk fashion with high rewards.


We will be offering several methods of mining Proof of Work tokens with guaranteed results.  But we must stress that mining is not just an easy ticket to riches, otherwise everyone would be doing it. It takes hard work, patience, and the ability to properly understand the markets to which you will be operating within. There is no "get rich quick " scheme in mining and this will not turn massive profits overnight. You will of course be able to monitor all your mining revenues as they build on data tracking apps associated with the chosen tokens you are mining, this will insure that you have full transparency of your earned funds while you create a steady growth to your portfolio.  


We must stress that in PoW mining there is a certain threshold that must be met in most mining pools before a payout is made - this is not something we here have any control over. Your funds will be safe and all progress made towards that threshold will remain tied to your wallet. For example, a payout threshold for a Zilliqa mining pool was 30 tokens but you've only managed to achieve 10 tokens on your scheduled mining time, those tokens will remain tied to your wallet for a future payout when that threshold has been met. Then later if you decided you would like to schedule more mining time to continue towards that threshold, you will pick up where you left off at 10 tokens and continue to add up until the 30 token threshold is met, and then it is paid out to your wallet upon the next pool payout. Tokens are not paid out in a live real-time manner on any networks as far as we are aware of.  We want to make this well-known to avoid any complications with those who may feel they should have been paid out but failed to meet the payout threshold in the time slot booked.

After receiving your confirmation for your booking, we will also send you the relevant data tracking apps or links to be used for that specific token or tokens. This will allow you to watch your investment grow in real time and also show you other basic information such as past payouts, the current pool payout thresholds, hashrates and more. We must stress again that we do not control the difficulty levels of the algorithms or the payout thresholds, this is at the discretion of the pool operators themselves and those who designed the algorithms to the token networks you have chosen to mine, so in saying this, what you may have earned mining in one time slot may not necessarily be what you will earn in the following one. Difficulty levels are adjusted by the amount of miners on the network and is designed to create a level playing field for all who participate so that no one miner can collect more rewards then others while running the same hashrate. This means that the more miners are on the network, the harder it becomes to mine, and with less, it becomes comparatively easier. The only other way to collect more tokens would be to add to your hashrate which would mean, simply put, to add more mining rigs and hardware. This also comes with the added costs of more electricity used and hardware associated. 

So for those who wish to purchase more hashing power, this option will become more available as we continue to scale up our facility to meet market demands. This gives the client the option to not only purchase a time slot for mining, but also gives the option of possible hashing power available for that time slot. We will continue to build on this project adding upgrades to both software and hardware as the markets continue to evolve, to guarantee to our clients the best possible mining experience.

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